Set of 2 Bugatti dessert utensils in a Lux ALADDIN package (ALC1M-N4220/21)

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Cake knife and spatula from the Aladdin series in a Lux gift box .

The handle of the devices is pearly white in color and decorated with a braided chrome metal ring.

The knife is used to divide cakes and sweet rolls into portions; it has a blade that widens towards the end. Using an elongated spatula, it is very convenient to transfer portioned pieces of dessert to guests' plates.

The set consists of 2 dessert cutlery and includes:
1 dessert knife - 28 cm
1 serving spatula - 27 cm

It is very important that the festive table is filled not only with delicious dishes, but also with beautiful serving elements, plates, knives and forks. Aladdin cutlery with exquisite shapes and noble design, produced by the Italian company Bugatti, speaks better than any words about the refined taste of the owner of the house and emphasizes his respectful attitude towards guests. Unusual pens will arouse real interest - elegant mother-of-pearl pens, decorated with a woven ring, look stylish and elegant. The Aladdin series will help you set the table in a classic and modern way.

All items are made from 18/10 stainless steel, acrylic and silver plated metal. Mother-of-pearl is used to decorate the handles. Unique items for elegant tables, magical events and special people!

Care: Hand wash, also can be washed in the dishwasher at low temperature 50-55 degrees. Avoid using detergents containing chlorine, alcohol and perfumes.


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