Salton Easy Clean Fryer 3.0L, 1700 Watts (DF1233)


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Here is revealed the secret of perfect frying obtained in the comfort of your own kitchen. With this fryer from Salton, you get quality frying without paying high restaurant prices. With a large 3L capacity and a small window to watch the cooking progress, this fryer is the perfect addition to any kitchen.
Adjustable temperature control and indicator light ensure optimum cooking temperature for perfect frying every time. Finally, eliminate mess by resting the basket on the edge of the fryer to let the oil drip off the food.
Whether it's fries, onion rings, chicken, fish fillets, or donuts, with the Salton Air Fryer your family and friends will be wowed by your restaurant-worthy frying!

• Ideal for fries, onion rings, chicken, fish, donuts and more
• Non-stick bowl, base, basket, lid and filter are removable and dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup
• 3 litre/quart capacity
• Stainless steel
• The window in the lid allows you to observe the cooking
• The power of 1700 watts ensures better cooking
• Adjustable temperature control and indicator light indicating that the fryer has reached the ideal cooking temperature
• Large insulated handles
• Basket handle folds for easy storage
• The basket, made of metal mesh, rests on the edge of the fryer to allow the oil to drain
• Permanent, washable, deodorant filter is easy to clean

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