Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One Flight Stick for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One/PC


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Plug in the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS joystick to enjoy a better gaming experience. Designed for use with the Xbox One console, this joystick lets you play your favorite titles, switch between menus and access to social functions. Mapping optimizes the controller to your preferred specifications.

  • Compatible and officially licensed for use with Windows computers and Xbox One console
  • Built-in Xbox One buttons (guide/view/menu) that help you navigate the game and access social features
  • 5 axes, 14 action buttons, 1 rapid fire trigger and 1 multi-directional Chinese hat (navigation/pan) give you the tools you need to play your favorite titles
  • Ergonomic shape ensures your comfort when playing games of several genres including simulation games, fighting games, role-playing games and more
  • Joystick mapping ideal for flight simulation games
  • Detachable full-size throttle stick provides precise maneuverability even when playing VR games
  • Double rudder system which is accessible by the rotating stick or the progressive rocker lever
  • Adjustable neck position can be customized to your preference
  • Weighted base provides better stability during intense action

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