Collective Minds Universal Dominator StrikePack Mod for Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One - White

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Improve your gaming experience by making your controller more functional with the StrikePack Universal Dominator mod from Collective Minds. This device features two paddles that can be directly programmed with your standard Xbox wireless controller and pre-installed MODS to give you a great gaming experience.

  • Designed for Xbox Series
  • Assign your controller button to any of two on-the-fly programmable paddles to easily control your game
  • Match pre-installed MODS to Strike Pack palettes for a more enjoyable and incredible gaming experience
  • Ergonomic design and highly responsive switches that deliver blazing reaction times
  • Download Mod Central Windows software from the Collective Minds website to reconfigure buttons and take advantage of other customizations

Condition: Open box.

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