Thrustmaster T128 Force Feedback Racing Wheel with Magnetic Pedals (XBOX Series X/S, One, PC)

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Your first racing sensations with the Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel for Xbox® and PC. Optimized force feedback system with a lightweight rim, to experience your first racing sensations. Modern and versatile rim design, with engine speed LEDs. Precise T-MP magnetic shifters for clear activation feel. Friction-free T2PM magnetic pedals for increased precision and no mechanical wear.


  • IMMERSIVE FORCE FEEDBACK - The HYBRID DRIVE technology of the force feedback system allows players to experience all the fun and intuitive sensations of driving. The weight of each vehicle, bumps and impacts, loss of tire grip when cornering, and road surface types can all be felt through the steering wheel, for immersive races that will awaken your racing instincts.
  • MAGNETIC PAVILIONS - Thanks to HEART magnetic technology, the paddles allow ultra-fast gear changes (response time of 30 milliseconds) with clear and precise activation, for sporty performance and avoiding driving errors. This patented technology, delivered by a contactless and frictionless magnetic system, offers exceptional long-term durability.
  • ENGINE SPEED LEDS - The 4-color LED strip allows you to monitor engine speed without taking your eyes off the road. The LEDs flash when you need to shift up, allowing you to optimize your gear changes. The list of compatible games on PlayStation and PC is regularly updated on the Thrustmaster technical support site.
  • RESPONSIBLE AND VERSATILE DESIGN - The round, lightweight rim of the wheel maximizes the power of the force feedback system, for maximum velocity. Its rotation angle of 270° to 900° automatically adjusts depending on the vehicle used in the game, for driving adapted to all styles of vehicles (GT, rally, F1, trucks). Thanks to the 13 action buttons on the racing wheel, you won't need to use a gamepad.
  • HANDBRAKE - The front of the steering wheel features 2 handbrake buttons - easily accessible with the user's thumbs for daring drifts, as well as freestyle maneuvers. Button placement is symmetrical, for ambidextrous handling and increased control in all directions.
  • MAGNETIC PEDAL BRACKET - The T2PM magnetic pedal bracket included with the racing wheel provides astonishing precision of a few thousandths of a second for crisp acceleration and well-proportioned braking. The T2PM crankset provides a completely smooth experience without the risk of losing precision like more traditional potentiometer-equipped cranksets, making it a powerful and reliable aid to improving your riding skills.


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