6-cup coffee maker Bugatti VULCANO (86-7096С3)

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The Vulcano coffee maker was created by Italian designer Teseo Berghella in 2000. The 6-cup Vulcano is made from aluminum, making it lightweight. Its elegant handle and stylized lid in the shape of a volcano with a red flame at the top are made of polyamide.

This geyser-style coffee maker has two tanks. The lower tank is filled with water, while the upper tank gradually fills with the prepared drink. The tanks are separated by a funnel into which a sieve filter is inserted, and ground coffee is added. In turn, the upper tank has a tube with a bottom that serves as a filter, sealed with a gasket. A safety valve is integrated into the wall of the tank, it is necessary in the event of a break to prevent the geyser coffee maker from exploding.

During heating, the water gradually turns into steam. The steam pressure pushes the boiling water upwards, passes it through the filter with the ground coffee, and the water loaded with coffee aromas and flavors is ejected through a special tube in the upper part of the coffee maker. The drink is ready when all the water poured into the lower tank is in the upper tank. To prevent ground coffee from blocking the filters, we recommend using coarser ground coffee.

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