Libratel 30W USB-A/USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery (LBTPD30W)

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Since you don't have time to recharge dead batteries, this wall charger with Power Delivery from Libratel is a must-have for the home or office. It offers 30W of total output power to have your phone, tablet or laptop ready to go in no time. It has a USB-C port and a USB-A port, so you can charge 2 devices at once.

  • Wall charger with Power Delivery delivers 30W of total power output to quickly charge your devices
  • Two ports that can accommodate a USB-A cable and a USB-C cable at the same time
  • Fast charging function compatible with all Type-C devices including phones, tablets and laptops
  • Retractable loader blades make the loader easy to store and take on trips

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