Set of five knives with stand - Bugatti - Glamor (GLNU-02195)

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Color: Lilac
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The impact of color on individuals should not be underestimated. A wisely chosen color of shirt or dress can revive the complexion, and a bright and cheerful umbrella can improve the mood, even on a gray and rainy day. It is important to keep this in mind when decorating your interior. Even a minimally designed kitchen or dining room can be livened up and personalized by adding colorful accents such as wall clocks or kitchen utensils.

Lovers of bright colors will undoubtedly be delighted with the Glamor series, produced by the famous Italian brand Bugatti. A kitchen decorated with colorful accessories from the Glamor series has the power to improve your mood. The items in the collection blend harmoniously with each other and create an atmosphere of joy and fullness in life.

ERGO series knives are made of hardened stainless steel. This type of steel is very hard and resistant to mechanical damage: it does not show any scratches, chips or other defects.

The blades contain a significant amount of carbon, ensuring impeccable sharpness, but increasing the risk of corrosion. Therefore, if you notice any stains, they should be removed immediately using a product specially designed for cleaning stainless steel. It is imperative to never leave cutlery in humid environments. The knife holder is transparent, which allows you to see the knife blade and quickly choose the one you need.

Condition: new.

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