Samsung 240W Speaker - Black (MX-ST50B/ZC)

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Party with the Samsung MX-ST50B/ZC speaker. This 240W speaker connects via Bluetooth to deliver powerful bass in any indoor or outdoor space. Activate Party Lights+ mode to create a fun party atmosphere with music and light effects. Thanks to its long battery life of 18 hours, you can install the speaker easily without worrying about power cords.

  • 240W speaker produces high-quality directional sound with dynamic bass
  • IPX5 rated device designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wireless interconnection with up to ten speakers to cover a large space
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy connection of compatible devices
  • Speaker operates on electric or battery power to provide up to 18 hours of battery life and eliminate the need for extension cords
  • Party Lights+ mode allowing you to enhance the festive atmosphere with a light show

Required accessories (sold separately)

  • Speaker cable (be sure to measure the room to know the length of cable needed)


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