Super Mario Hover Shell Strike game

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Enjoy an exciting air hockey experience anywhere with the Super Mario Hover Shell Strike game from Epoch. Use your pusher to strategically hit Koopa's shell and send it further than your opponent's pusher and into the goal. This family game can be played on hard surfaces or low-pile carpet, and is portable so you can have fun on the go.

  • Action-packed game promoting the development of hand-eye coordination, agility and other important skills
  • Suitable for two players ages four and up
  • Hit the Koopa shell with your push stick to make it fly further than your opponent to earn a point, or create your own game for hours of fun
  • Battery-powered Koopa shell glides effortlessly on a cushion of air, allowing play on a tabletop, hardwood floor or low-pile carpet
  • Lightweight and compact game that is easy to store and transport
  • Includes two pushers and a Koopa shell
  • Two AAA batteries required (not included

Condition: Open box.

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