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Milk tank capacity: 0.6 liters; Water tank capacity: 1.7 liters; Coffee bean tank capacity: 450 grams; 3 levels of water temperatures; 5 aroma intensity settings
15 of the World's Best Coffee Drinks in One Step
From espresso to cappuccino to specialty drinks like an Americano and microfoam coffee, enjoy unlimited variety and serve everyone their favorite drink.

State-of-the-art touchscreen
Intuitively adjust the characteristics of your drinks on the touch screen thanks to the Coffee Equalizer? : you can customize the strength, volume, temperature and taste of the coffee; the quantity and volume of the foam; and even the order of coffee and milk flow. Prepare your own coffee.

20,000 cups of the finest coffee and sturdy ceramic grinders
Our mills are made of state-of-the-art ceramic, very rigid and precisely shaped. Fresh coffee beans are ground gently, without risk of overheating: all the aromas are thus extracted, guaranteeing superior quality coffee for at least 20,000 cups.

The AquaClean water filter prepares up to 5,000* cups without descaling
Our patented AquaClean water filter is designed to improve the quality of your coffee by purifying the water. It also prevents the formation of limescale deposits in the water circuit of your coffee machine: prepare up to 5,000* cups without descaling by replacing the filter regularly.

Hygiene guaranteed thanks to steam cleaning of the milk system
The HygieSteam function steam cleans the entire milk system, from the spout to the milk suction tubes, at your command. Additionally, every time you prepare a drink containing milk, the Saeco Xelsis automatically cleans the milk system by sending out a hygienic jet of steam that makes it clean and ready to use for your next drink.

Brew two cups of coffee at once, including cappuccinos
Brew your favorite coffee specialties, including cappuccinos and latte macchiatos in one or two cups, at the touch of a button.

The internal brew group is easy to remove and rinses in seconds
The internal brew group is easy to remove, and rinses in seconds. So the heart of your Saeco Xelsis is always ready to prepare premium coffee.

Three-click cleaning and maintenance system
With just three clicks, the Saeco Xelsis starts the cleaning process necessary to continue preparing excellent coffees and drinks.

Saeco extracts the best from your fresh coffee beans
Tests carried out by Centro Studi Assaggiatori in Italy: Italian tasters have confirmed that our Saeco super-automatic machine extracts the desired qualities from each type of grain.

Excellent milk froth thanks to our Latte Perfetto technology
Whether thick milk froth or classic hot milk, our patented Latte Perfetto technology prepares barista milk that perfectly matches your recipes and personal taste. Coffee Equalizer? allows you to choose the thickness of the foam as well as when the milk is added to your drink. Automatic steam cleaning is done after each use.

High performance thermoblock to heat water quickly
Perfect coffee requires exact temperatures. Our high performance Thermobloc is made from lightweight aluminum with a stainless steel housing. It allows high temperatures to be reached quickly.

6 user profiles: the easiest way to save your recipes
From the color touch screen, it is possible to save everyone's preferences, as well as personalized settings, thanks to the 6 user profiles available.

  • General Information
    • Coffee machine category: Automatic coffee machines
    • Power supply: 120V
    • Coffee capacity: 450g
    • Water tank: 1.7L
    • Number of coffee tanks: 1
    • Kettle: Stainless steel
    • Adjustable grind size: Yes
    • Number of programs: 15 Programs
    • Adjustable brewed coffee quantity: Yes
    • Adjustable water quantity: Yes
    • Power saver mode: Yes
  • Interview
    • Water filter: Yes
    • Water level indicator: Yes
    • Descaling indicator: Yes
    • Full grounds container indicator: Yes
    • Removable perforated tray: Yes
    • Concentration regulator: Yes
    • Automatic shutdown: Yes
    • Milk frother: Yes
    • Removable water tank: Yes
  • Colors and shades
    • Main finish: Stainless steel
    • Secondary finish: Black steel


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