Westinghouse Infrared Foot Massager (WES42-0909-BLK)

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The new Westinghouse foot and body massager offers you a powerful, fast, deep massage. With its 4 massage programs and its complete manual mode, you will be able to choose the massage mode you need. Its powerful vibration action uses reflexology using multiple pressure points. Infrared heat helps soothe tired, aching feet while its included wireless remote control makes it even more user-friendly. Use it for your feet, calves, thighs or lower back. The Westinghouse foot and body massager will relax you and give you a feeling of well-being in the comfort of your home.

  1. 4 automatic massage modes and 1 manual massage mode
  1. 10, 20 or 30 minute timer
  1. Wireless remote control
  1. 8 infrared heat intensities
  1. 15 vibration speed choices
  1. 94 reflexology pressure points


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