Energizer 15W Foldable Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand (WCP102)

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Charge your smartphone without plugging it in with the Energizer 15W Foldable Wireless Charging Pad. Designed for compatible iPhones and Android phones, it is compatible with MagSafe to enable wireless charging. Securely mount your device in landscape or portrait mode.

  • Magnetic wireless charging stand compatible with MagSafe to charge compatible Android phones as well as Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and iPhone 12
  • Charges the battery of Android devices (up to 15W) and iOS devices (up to 7.5W) faster
  • Flexible wireless charging pad charges your smartphone in landscape or portrait orientation
  • Magnets secure the phone in the ideal position for maximum wireless charging performance
  • The powerful wireless charger can transfer charge through cases up to 3mm thick, saving you from having to remove the case every time you charge your phone
  • Foldable shape ensures space saving and portability
  • Its sleek and attractive design makes it a great choice for your desk or nightstand

Condition: Open box.

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