Samsung 65'' 4k UHD QLED TV (65Q60C)

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Sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy your favorite content in up to 4K resolution with this Samsung TV. See stunning colors and deep contrasts with quantum dot and dual LED light technologies. Motion Xcelerator motion acceleration technology produces smooth gameplay for classic or modern games in the Gaming Portal, while sound generated by Lite Object Tracking will immerse you in the action. With access to a variety of smart features, you'll be able to manage your home devices, organize content and more. Plus, the remarkably sleek design and solar remote control allow this TV to blend beautifully into your home.

Incredible Colors:
Bright, vibrant colors in 4K resolution are produced on screen using Quantum HDR and HDR10+ imaging technologies that create dynamic tonal reproduction of your content to produce deeper blacks, more vivid images and the finest details. fine at any brightness.

Quantum Lite 4K processor:
A faster, smarter processor optimizes picture and sound for better viewing conditions, while powerful upscaling ensures you get 4K resolution on all your content.

Dual LED Lights:
With innovative backlight technology, see enhanced, bolder contrast with warm and cool LED backlighting. They will optimize the color shades of the backlight to match the type of content you are watching for the best viewing experience.

Sound generated by Object Tracking Lite (OTS Lite):
Virtual 3D surround sound moves with the action for a truly immersive experience.

Ultimate gaming experience:
The Gaming Portal brings together the best of gaming consoles, streaming games and more, all in one convenient place. Plus, enjoy smooth gaming performance without latency or motion blur thanks to Motion Xcelerator motion acceleration technology.

Smart options:
With a variety of smart features like the Smart Things app, Samsung TV Plus service and built-in voice assistants, you'll have access to over 95 free channels. You will also be able to optimize content editing from a single location as well as easily connect and manage all the smart devices in your home using an integrated portal.

Elegant design:
A slim design allows your TV to blend seamlessly into the wall for a very discreet, modern appearance.

Solar remote control:
No more worrying about changing batteries: charge your remote control by simply pointing its solar panel upwards in a bright room or near a window to benefit from natural sunlight.

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